Action site (1978)
Video, magnetic tape, 1'55", colour, sound, 1/2 inch open reel. Part of the video installation Our daily bread (1978).

Filmed by Davi Geiger and using a sample from Autobahn (1974), an international hit by German band Kraftwerk. Spectators enter the space of the exhibition and experience a video in which South America detaches itself from the rest of the map and immediately afterwards the artist bites a piece of bread into the same shape as the map. In an interview (2018) with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Anna Bella Geiger says, “[…] I had made a video where I eat a slice of bread, Action Site. As I was eating, I saw a piece of a map. So I tried, in a strange exercise of eating, to perfect the shape of the map of Brazil. And I thought, ‘If I eat a little bit more, I will get to Latin America’.”

Artist’s private collection.
Irene Maeder Gallery, Munich (1983); 35th Jerusalem Film Festival (2018).
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