Circa I, II e III (2006, 2007, 2008)
video installation
Video, 30’, color, sound

Filmed by Bruno de Carvalho. In an interview (2018) with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Anna Bella Geiger says, “It’s a very ephemeral project, where there is only earth, sand, gravel, bricks and wooden fruit crates […]. It’s like flying over an archaeological site with different scales used on the different topics like when I build a pyramid, for example. It’s bigger than certain archaeological sites of Babylonian ruins […]. They show the ancient Middle East. My idea came up from remembering that what unites them is monotheism. In different scales, sands are assembled and are then disassembled, the installation expires right there, it is totally ephemeral. What remains is the video. […] The setup of this work changes according to the situation and the location. For example, in Manaus I used the sands and other elements from the bank of the Negro River, a tributary of the Amazon River. They change according to the place because I don’t create them as copies when it comes to archeological sites. Other spaces and situations that occurred in Brazil also come into play, like train disasters, huge landslides… What happens is that I alter the situation depending on the political panorama of the world.”

Eva Klabin Foundation, Respiração project, Sala Renascença, Rio de Janeiro (2006); Paralela da XXVII Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo (2007); Trio Bienal, Rio de Janeiro (2015).
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