Statement in portrait n. 1 (1974)
Video, magnetic tape, 16’34”, B&W, sound, 1/2 inch open reel.

Filmed by Jom Tob Azulay in Rio de Janeiro. Anna Bella Geiger reflects on the situation of Brazilian artists outside the international art circuit. In a text from the catalog of the Mostra de Arte Experimental de Filmes Super-8, Audiovisual e Videotape, at Galeria Maison de France (Rio de Janeiro) in 1975, reproduced in “Made in Brasil”, organized by Arlindo Machado (São Paulo: Itaú Cultural; Iluminuras, 2007), the artist states: “In Statement in portrait 1 and 2, […] [I speak] in an almost pamphletary way about the ideological circuits that disseminate art, and the reasons for our cultural isolation […]”.

Artist’s private collection.
: 8ª Jovem Arte Contemporânea (JAC), MAC USP (1974); Video Art, Institute of Contemporary Art of the University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford, 1975); 35º Jerusalem Film Festival (2018).

“Mulheres radicais: arte latino-americana”, 19601985. Catalog of the exhibition at Pinacoteca de São Paulo, 2018.

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