Eject (2001)
Digital, 12’, color. Part of the video installation Undifferentiated (2001), on a two-hour loop.

InMade in Brasil”, organized by Arlindo Machado (São Paulo: Itaú Cultural; Iluminuras, 2007), Anna Bella Geiger says: “The work objectively consists of two identical iron file cabinets leaning against each other from the back on the room floor. In front of each of them lie their six drawers, perfectly mirroring each other. On one wall, the video of a past action (past?) reveals the event that lends meaning to the work. It repeatedly shows the ejection and abrupt fall of the drawers to the ground.”

Artist’s private collection.
Indiferenciados, Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro (2001).

Fernando Cocchiarale, in a text written for the exhibition, states: Geiger does not use conventional models of space in this work. She creates a polysemic field where these models lose their cognitive efficacy, and leads us to that shroud of raw meaning, positioned before the process of differentiation of reality by means of discourse, referenced by Merleau-Ponty.” In “Anna Bella Geiger: territórios, passagens, situações” (Rio de Janeiro: Casa da Palavra; Anima Produções Culturais, 2007), Adolfo Montejo Navas, organizer of the book, says: “[…] remember Undifferentiated, a video where the journey through the inside of the pieces intensifies the aesthetic meaning and confers a sound dimension, also explored in the videos of Elementary maps.”

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