Joseph Beuys talks to Anna Bella Geiger (1975)
Video, 10’45”, B&W, sound

Filmed by D. Baskind. New York, Galerie René Block. In “Anna Bella Geiger: territórios, passagens, situações”, organized by Adolfo Montejo Navas (Rio de Janeiro: Casa da Palavra; Anima Produções Culturais, 2007), the artist remarks: “In New York, I knew someone who had a small video camera. So I invited them to that conversation, which was very private and was recorded at René Block’s gallery. It’s a long video, about an hour and a half. There, I realized two things in that first conversation, one of them was that I was very close to Beuys’ ideas at that time, but not necessarily to his results.”

Artist’s private collection.
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