Our daily bread (1978)
Video installation; video, table and frieze

In a text from the catalog of the Mostra de Arte Experimental de Filmes Super-8, Audiovisual e Videotape, at Galeria Maison de France (Rio de Janeiro), in 1975, reproduced in “Made in Brasil”, organized by Arlindo Machado (São Paulo: Itaú Cultural; Iluminuras, 2007), Anna Bella Geiger says: “I established a relationship between three elements, in a space I considered indivisible. An upholstered table, stuffed to the point of bursting, on whose surface were printed and sewn – on its four corners – interpretations I made of the world map according to cultural hegemony, the power of oil, and development and underdevelopment. There is a frieze on the wall with these same maps printed on it. The third element is a video. I think that in the 1970s we did not yet have this name ‘video installation’.”

Local da ação, Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro (1978); 39th Venice Biennale (1980); A forma e a imagem técnica na arte do Rio de Janeiro: 1950-1975, Paço das Artes (São Paulo, 2002); Bandeiras do Brasil, Museu da República, Rio de Janeiro (2003); Anna Bella Geiger - Circa MMXI, Sesc RJ (remake, 2011).
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