DJ Mobile (2005)
Video, 0’30”, color, sound

When the first cell phones were launched, some artists used this new technological support to create works of art. DJ Mobile was a pioneering art app developed in 2005, at a time when mobile apps were not yet prevalent and four years before the first smartphone devices. With DJ Mobile, the audience could create songs using sounds from a building under construction, as well as record audio and image. The app allowed you to select the sounds to compose the melody over a rhythmic foundation, which could be hip-hop, samba or rock. The result was a video with scenes from the construction of a building and music composed from the recorded and remixed sounds. For example, percussion sounds are made by a hammer hitting a nail. The resulting video can be shown on a large screen for all to see. This work was commissioned by Nokia. The public composed 350 pieces using DJ Mobile at the launch event, all created in 12 hours.

Artist’s private collection.
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