Ducorpo (2004)
Video, 3’20”, color, sound

Online bodywork classes. The content of these classes ranges from physical fitness to movement therapy, reading complex movement sequences, and defining compositions. The idea is to make body movement education available to people who could never afford to pay for high-level classes at gyms and specialized schools. The program offers 77 classes in three languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. The theoretical framework behind this work was provided by Analivia’s doctoral thesis, defended in 2004 under Arlindo Machado’s supervision: “Procurando pela ciber-harmonia: um diálogo entre a conscientização corporal e mídia eletrônica” (Seeking cyber-harmony: a dialogue between body awareness and electronic media). The thesis originated the duCorpo website, which was launched online in 2012 and by 2014 had over 350,000 hits.

Artist’s private collection.
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