Striptease (1997)
Video, 10’38”, B&W, sound.

The images were made without a pre-established script, to the sounds of daily life and a spoken poem. The artist’s introspective method was based on meditation, collective memory, and subjectivity. The video focuses on the topic of undressing, baring oneself, stripping the skin from the body and reaching inside, into one’s own physical and emotional universe. A poetic striptease.

Artist’s private collection.
Mediações, Instituto Itaú Cultural (São Paulo, 1997); Precursor e Pioneiros Contemporâneos, Paço das Artes (São Paulo, 1997); 27th Annual Dance on Camera, Lincoln Center (New York, 1998), IX Festival Internazionale de Videodanza: Il Coreografo Elettronico, Institut Français (Naples, Italy, 1999); Mostra Audiovisual da Dança em Pauta, CCBB (São Paulo, 2005).
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