Untitled (1974–77)
Set of eight videos, 52'30", B&W, silent and sound

The first work, from 1974, already indicates the problematic field that all the videotapes focus on. It is about communication, or yet: the possibility and impossibility of communication, communication with or without, or even against, language, art and fiction, lies and truth, and the position of the artist within this problem. The vehicle employed for this is television. In the video, characters appear engraved on a wall. Finally, a crude structure of exposed bricks is framed, revealing a walled-in portal. The image suggests a visual metaphor where the characters are mutilated and stripped of their meaning, and in the specular reflection of these two scenes, the ideological promise of communication and understanding of television is clarified as an illusion.

Galeria Athena and Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica
Video Art Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania (1975); Mostra de Arte Experimental de Filmes Super-8, Audiovisual e Videotape, MAM Rio and Galerie de la Maison de France (1975); solo show, MAM Rio (1976); 7 artistas do vídeo, MAC USP (1977); XIV Bienal Internacional de São Paulo (1977); Art Video, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (1980); Quasi Cinema, Centro Internazionale di Brera, Milano (1980).
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