Untitlied (feijão - beans) (1975)
Video, 9’, B&W, silent

In the second video of this series, the torso of the artist seated before a table can be observed. In front of her and closer to the spectator, almost as if leaking outside of the projection, we see a pot, two plates, a bottle and a cup. In the background, there is a television precisely at head height. With the help of the sound and by observing the TV, which is as much a protagonist as her body, we notice that Tarzan – an American series from the 1960s – is playing on the TV. As soon as we realize that this is a series about a man who lives among animals in the middle of a forest, Sonia Andrade rejects the cutlery and starts eating with her hands. The artist’s head is very close to the screen that shows Tarzan. In addition to this “collage” of images, there is also an overlapping of behaviors. From the safety of the surface of a plate, the food is transferred to her face and limbs. And from there it is thrown onto the camera lens, blocking the spectator’s view.

The Centre Pompidou New Media Collection.
Video Art Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania (1975); Mostra de Arte Experimental de Filmes Super-8, Audiovisual e Videotape, MAM Rio and Galerie de la Maison de France (1975); solo show, MAM Rio (1976); 7 artistas do vídeo, MAC USP (1977); XIV Bienal Internacional de São Paulo (1977); Art Video, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (1980); Quasi Cinema, Centro Internazionale di Brera, Milano (1980).
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